Bringing new life into this world should be a happy time for all involved, but for a lot of women the thought of giving birth can produce instant fear given the stories of pain and struggle we seem to be obsessed with as a society. Maybe you have previously had a difficult birth which has set about an anxiety about having to give birth again.


Hypnosis for childbirth is a great way of helping to allay the fears we have surrounding childbirth which helps us to feel calm, confident and in control. 

Why try Hypno-birthing?

Hypno-birthing has been seen to help with;

- reducing fear about the birthing process

- management of sensations during childbirth

- promoting a steady recovery

- increase positive experience of childbirth

- decrease the risk of post natal depression

- adjusting to being a parent

- reducing the chance of medical intervention

What is Hypno-birthing?

My sessions are done on an either an individual basis or per couple. I prefer this format as it gives me a chance to really look into your own specific circumstances and your personal anxieties.

Price £300 for a course of 5 x 60 minute sessions and I hold the sessions at the Magnolia Centre like I do any other session. I can however come to your home if this is more suitable for you and there will be an additional £10 per session charge for this option. 

Hypno-birthing FAQ

When do you recommend I start my Hypnobirthing plan?

22 weeks onwards to give you a chance to start practicing any techniques. Of course the more practice you get, the more effective they will be when you go into labour. There is no rule to say you cannot sign up any earlier than 22 weeks, this is just a guide.

Do I need to bring my birthing partner?

No, it's entirely up to you. If you would prefer to come by yourself, this is absolutely fine! However, if you would like to bring your birthing partner with you, then the techniques learned can also be used by them whilst you are in labour which can be of benefit to both of you. The sessions are for a maximum of two people.

Where are the classes?

Classes are to be held weekly (5 weeks in total) so booking in advance to avoid disappointment is strongly advised. The classes will be held at the Magnolia Therapy Centre. Please see my contact page for full details including my working hours.

Will Hypno-birthing mean I will not need medical intervention?

No. Hypnotherapy for childbirth is a great way of complementing the experience of childbirth by using the techniques that you will learn but is not a replacement for medical treatment and should never be treated as such.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me to discuss on 07737 788623 or email